A woman survived a perilous fall after her bungee snapped and she fell into the water below.

Erin Langworthy had jumped from a bridge above the world famous Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Erin Said when she hit the water “everything went black and she felt like she had been slapped all over”.

But Erin’s ordeal wasn’t over with no one to help her below, the fast flowing water took a hold of her, Erin had to swim with her feet still bound together by the bungee through the crocodile infest water.

Her bungee got caught on rocks and she had to free herself.

When she was eventually pulled from the dangerous waters Erins rescuers laid her on her back making it so she couldn’t expel the water from her lungs. After signalling to them to lay her on her side Erin was able to cough out the water.

Miss Langworthy suffered from cuts and bruises, her back was badly scrapped but luckily she survived her ordeal.

This story made me shudder, It’s every one’s worse nightmare

Did you see on the video the state of that bungee cord! throwing yourself off a bridge is one thing but putting yourself in a very vulnerable position into other peoples hands is another thing for me and this made my skin crawl.

I’m glad Erin is OK and a good news story came from the outcome.