A Robin has been visiting a Co-Op supermarket in Aberdeen Scotland for break fast each morning.

The Robin flew into the shop through the automatic doors during the cold snap in November and has been coming into the shop each morning ever since.

Robin in Co-Op

The little bird sits behind the tills and often sings each day.

The store manager said he often like to watch the staff while they work and eat crumbs. Croissant, Aberdeen rowies – also known as butteries or rolls – and blueberries have become the bird’s favourites.

Mr Dunn, of the Scottish Co-op said “It found a warm spot and must have remembered it.

“The robin stays for an hour or two, mainly behind the tills, singing as well, the customers certainly seem to like it.”

Singing Robin

It hasn’t been all a smooth ride having Robbie the Robin in the Co-Op Supermarket at Christmas the staff had to remove a number of Christmas Cards with Robins on the front, Robbie kept flying at them in a territorial display.

Staff and customers like to see the little robin and they say he will be missed when he leaves.