Residence in Oban Scotland saw £5,000 worth of fireworks go up in smoke in 50 seconds after a technical hitch.

The fireworks display was supposed to last 20 minutes but they all went off at once, it might of lasted less than a minute, but what a minute :) I would have loved to have seen it, it must have been a real spectacle, the person taking the video obviously didn’t know where to look or what to concentrate on.

We all love the finale at the end of the fireworks display can’t think of anything better than having the whole fireworks display as the finally.

I love the little kid on the second video all you can hear is WOW :) I have to agree it was it looks Awesome, I’m so jealous.

Some people have called this a fiasco?

You should look at the youtube videos of the Oban Fireworks display, I can tell you the crowd didn’t think it was a fiasco all you can hear on the audio are giggles and reactions of delight.

Maybe everyone should set off firework displays like this in the future, I think a 5 minute display would be fantastic.

We went to a local display that had the same amount of fireworks (£5,000) this year and it was boring and badly performed. we didn’t get a finally at all :( as we where in the car driving away we saw a few fireworks still going of now that was a fiasco since everyone had left before it finished