A Scottish man fell 1000ft from the top of mount Sgurr Choinnich Mor .

After reaching the top with three other climbers Adam Potter, 36, from Glasgow lost his footing and fell 1000ft down the near vertical drop down the mountain.

When the emergency helicopter got the call that a climber had fallen from the top they feared the worst, the direction in which he fell down the Eastern Slope of the mountain took him over three rocky crags, but when the mountain rescue crew spotted Mr Potter he was stood up looking at his map.

The Emergency crew was happy to see the Scottish climber had only minor injuries Mr Potter suffered cuts and bruises and three minor fractures to his back Adam is said to be “feeling fine”.

British Mountaineering Council training officer Jon Garside said “this kind of fall does not happen often”

To survive it is even rarer “He’s very, very lucky really,” says Mr Garside. “People that fall that far don’t often walk away alive.”

Even advances in climbing gear aren’t likely to alter someones chances of surviving such a drop, he adds.

“It seems like he just bounced at the right time. His big rucksack might have helped brace his fall.”

But again, it’s not likely

To survive a 1000ft fall from off a mountain peek could be due to the equipment your carrying or the snowy conditions. Snow-covered slope will accelerate the speed of a fall, climbers can slow their momentum by using an Ice axe, Mr Potter did have an ice axe, but it was tied to the back of his rucksack so he was unable to use it to slow his descent down the mountain.

The experience hasn’t put Mr Potter off climbing.

“I was hoping to go again next weekend but I think that will be cancelled,” he says. “But maybe in a few weeks – I’ll see how the injuries go.”