This has got to be one of the most heart warming acts of kindness I’ve heard of in a long, long time.

A young Bride from America had her wedding called days called off just one day before the big day was to take place.

Wedding Cake

Knowing that it was to late to cancel the reception dinner, this wonderful young woman, at a time when most of us would only think of ourselves, contacted the Salvation Army and donated her wedding dinner to the homeless.

The family worked with the Salvation Army and other charitable organisations to give the less fortunate an early holiday feast.

Her Dad described his daughter as a “super giving young lady” and I couldn’t agree more.

At what must have been a devastating time for her she managed to think practically and act lovingly by doing something most people wouldn’t ever think of.

Not many would have thought of others at a time of personal devastation and would naturally be overwhelmed and emotionally collapse from the stress of such a personal ordeal.

All I can say is she really is one in a Million, a loving person that we can all aspire to.

Her actions can teach us how to conduct ourselves by keeping it real by remembering others who that live unimaginable hardship everyday of there lives.

Most of us will never meet anyone this selfless in their entire life.

I wish her all the best in love for the future, I’m sure someone this wonderful will find the one that deserves her.