It’s the London Marathon time once again as runners ran the gruelling 26.2 miles through London.

My favourite part of the London Marathon has to be the Fun Runners :)

London Marathon

I look forward to seeing theirs crazy costumes each year.

I don’t envy them one bit, temperatures in London reached 19 Degrees during the race, I can only imagine the temperature inside a funny suit. Must be like running in an oven :)

London Marathon

Quiet a few World Records where set this year by the London Marathon fun runners Like David Stone AKA ‘Superman’ who broke the world record for running the fastest time in a super hero costume, he crossed the finishing line in 2:42:46

London Marathon

The World Record Category for the fastest time a bird or animal costume would cross the line was achieved by Martin Indge who went around the 26.2 mile course strapped to an inflatable ostrich

Martins competition was a Giant Panda “I believe there’s a panda out there I’ve got to go head to head with” exclaimed Mr Indge before the race, but Martin had nothing to fear he piped the panda to the post and crossed the line and broke the world record at 3:04

London Marathon

Fastest time for a cartoon character was broken by Jon Morgan who ran the London Marathon dressed as Fred Flint stone
Jon said jokingly before the race he was hoping to find Betty and Barny along the course. He didn’t find his cartoon neighbours, but he did break the world record for the fastest time set by a cartoon character passing the post at 2:46.59

If you think all that’s a little crazy you haven’t heard anything yet.

Uli Kilian from Germany broke the world record for completing the most Rubik cubes while running a marathon.

Yep Uli solved 100 Rubik Cubes while running the London Marathon breaking the previous record of 50 “Attempting to solve the puzzle makes the body move awkwardly because you cannot counterbalance the running movement with the arms,” he said

London Marathon

The London Marathon isn’t over for all the contenders.

Lloyd Scott is hoping to raise at least £200,000 for children’s charity Action for Kids by not running the London Marathon but crawling it!

Scott will cross the finish line some time in May, why? because he’s a snail of course. Mr Lloyd is dressed as the snail from the Children TV Show the Magic Roundabout, its expected he will manage about one mile per day.

Magic Roundabout

Well he is a snail :)