The Olympic torch has been lite in Greece and will hit the shores of the UK on the 18th of May and starts its 70 day journey around the UK on the 19th of May.

Olympic Torch

It’s very exciting, we’re not lucky enough to be able to go to London to see the olympics first hand, but we will see the Olympic torch pass through our town on its way to London.

I love the design of the Olympic torch, it has 8,000 holes in it to represent the 8,000 people who will carry the torch across the country. Most of the torch bearers will be people in the community who have done good/inspirational things and a few celebs have been chosen to carry the iconic flame.

Events and celebrations have been planned all over the UK to celebrate the Olympic games coming to the UK in 2012.

We’re lucky the Olympic torch will be passing by our house so all I have to do is step outside my front yard to cheer and wave-like a Nutter :-), but many Villages wont get to see the torch pass through their towns so some of them have decided to hold their own Olympic torch event, which is an awesome idea :-)

Unofficial Olympic Torch Relay

In the village of Aveton Gifford in Devon are unfortunately not on the list of villages which the Olympic torch will pass through on its way to London. Resident Stephen Harding is not among the list of official Olympic torchbearers but he and others will be running through the streets of Aveton. Mr Harding is determined to make sure that Aveton Gifford is not forgotten as the Olympic torch convoy passes near the village on 20 May and has set up the un official relay in his village.

Torches for alternative relays cannot resemble the official Olympic torch according to guidance from London 2012, so Aveton Gifford came up with its own version a gold-sprayed lamp stand :-)

The alternative relay of half a mile through the village will end with breakfast in the local pub. Mr Harding said: “We were disappointed to find out that the village was going to be left out of the torch relay. “But the Olympic spirit is all about taking part, so that’s what we’re doing.”

Good for them and I hope they have a wonderful celebration, people power at it’s best :-)