This is a story to brighten any day.

A stray dog joined a group of cyclists and ran at the side of them during their marathon traveling 12,000 miles.

The marathon dog started following the cyclists after one of them fed him some food, from that point on the stray ran along side of the cyclist on their journey through Tibet sticking with them on their marathon across the plato.

The cyclist whom gave the dog a drumstick at first let the little stray run along side of them, thinking it would give up eventually, they had no intentions of adopting the dog, but the little stray never quite, he carried on following the cyclists not dropping behind once during the marathon.

He ran along side them for 24 days running up mountains and on busy roads for 37 miles a day, his tenacious personality inspired the marathon cyclists encouraging them to carry on, one said when they dropped behind the little dog would go back for them.

This little dogs strong will and determination has a happy ending, after the marathon the cyclist who gave the stray a drumstick decided to adopt him and took him home with him.