Well Done to Amy Williams who won Gold in the Women’s Skeleton Event in the winter Olympics in Vancouver Canada.

Britain hasn’t won a Gold Medal for 30 years and a Woman hasn’t had a Gold since 1952 Amy did exceptionally well, smashing her opponents times.

I watched on T.V the track Amy practices on here in the UK and I was even more impressed!

Here in the UK we don’t get much Snow and with not many Mountains it’s difficult for British winter athletes to train in real wintry conditions and as a result Amy Williams has been practising on a tarmac track, it doesn’t even have any of the twists and turns that the real Skeleton ice track has it’s just a straight run down a hill.

Britain can usually hold it’s own in the Winter Olympics when it comes to indoor events like Figure Skating, but the outdoor events where usually just space fillers and no real threat to countries who have ample winter snow and high mountain ranges.

Hopefully Amy Williams has changed peoples opinion of Britain and they will have to start taking Britain more seriously as Winter Olympic competitors.

Amy’s worked hard to achieve her well deserved Gold Medal, so she is the living proof that hard work and dedication is the key to success.

I had a little giggle when I saw some of Amy’s British supporters, only the British would be crazy enough to take off there tops in freezing cold weather and spell A M y across their chest in red marker, you’ve got to love the British Supporters dedication :-)