English Comedian David Walliams has finished his 140 Mile Swim down the Thames

What an amazing and inspirational person David Walliams is, David swam 140 miles along the Thames to raise money for the worthy cause Sport Relief.

David deserves ever bit of support in raising money for sport relief after everything he’s been through, phenomenal, I made my donation to Sport Relief, have you? support David who showed the world exactly what the term British grit means :).

David is a gem in today’s society, it’s not just the Thames he’s swam check out the video below each one of his sport challenges has been extraordinary

Sport Relief encourages all to raise money for needy people at home and around the world David Walliams said thinking of beautiful things, song, the children he had met in Africa and the British Public who came out to cheer him on his gruelling journey, gave him the will power to carry on.

When ask how do you prepare for such a gruelling task David said ‘you can’t, nothing can prepare you to do something like this’

I was watching the one show where an Olympic swimmer said David made professional swimmers look bad as he said, he wouldn’t be able to swim for that distance in 8 days in the conditions David Walliams encountered.

It’s not the first time David has done something astounding in the aid of Charity in 2006 David swam the English Channel to France for Sport Relief, his challenge on the Thames this time round was a whopping 120 miles more on this challenge than his channel swim.

If swimming 140 Miles in a week isn’t astounding enough David became ill on his journey with Thames Belly but he still carried on when many of us would have given up from the pain and weakness coursed by vomiting, nausea and a high temperature.

David also had to contend with fatigue, tired limbs and muscle cramps throughout his body, he used 4,400 calories a day, averaging 18 miles a day and over 100,000 arm strokes later he arrived at the finish line at Westminster Bridge, London on the 12th September.

The water in the Thames was colder than they where expecting. The UK had a cooler summer than was anticipated, I was watching BBC News where one of the reports mentioned that David had had a small blue patch on his back which was a sign of hypothermia, it hadn’t been noticed by his support team because it was under his wet suit.

He had to contend with raw sewage, swan attacks, debris, insect bits, strong currents and undertows, heavy river traffic and to top it off on the last day of his journey England was hit by 80 mph winds that where against time on the home stretch of his swimming adventure for sport relief, he even managed to save a dog that jumped in the water with him.

Vinny the dog couldn’t get out of the water due to the sides being deep, so David lifted him out and onto dry land.

Now I don’t know about you but going for a little swim in the local swimming pool for an hour knackers me out, what David Walliams has done is mind blowing in endurance and persistence, yet when he came out the water he was humble and said ‘It’s Only Swimming’ when people called him a hero for his magnificent feat for charity.

After his swim, Walliams told the BBC: “A bath is the only water I want to see for quite a while.”

David goes in my personal book of sporting heroes to me professional are not the hero but ordinary people like David Walliams and Eddie Izzard another English Comedian who ran a marathon es a day for 51 days for Sport Relief, these people who go above and beyond for charity working so hard to finish a challenge are my heroes they send a tingle down my spin :).

Well Done David Walliams.