I was taken a back by the Talent of Lui Wei.

Lui Wei at aged 10 lost his arms in a childhood accident when he was electrocuted while playing hide and seek.

For me the most amazing fact isn’t that Lui Wei can play the piano with his feet, but that he started playing the piano at 19 years old and in 4 years has managed to become a talented pianist.

Many people learn to play the piano as children, but not many can accomplish to become a proficient pianist in just 4 years add that to Lui Wei age of 19 years old when he took up the piano and then multiply the magnitude of playing the piano with your feet Blows my mind, a true awe inspiring individual.

His toes must move like the clappers, Mine just stop me from falling over :) I can’t even bend some of my toes.

I’m sure Lui Wei is modest and doesn’t see it as being that much of a deal since in his own words he was quoted as saying “Whatever other people do with their hands, I do with my feet. It’s just that,”.

Losing your arms for most people is a thought they find to horrific to think about, but Lui Wei sensibly told the panel of judges on China’s Got Talent “I think I have only two choices in my life: Either die now or live a wonderful life.”

Some was moved to tears when Lui Wei played before the audience of China’s Got Talent, although Liu would like to be seen just as a pianist and not that he plays the piano differently to other piano players.

Lui Says “Right now, everyone looks at me and says, ‘Oh, Liu Wei has no arms” he said. “In the future, I want them to say, ‘Oh he’s good.’ To notice the work is great, and then say, ‘Liu Wei did it.’ … What I demand is that my work be so good people won’t notice that my arms are missing.”

“Nobody ever decreed that to play the piano you must use your hands,” he said.