Like everyone else in the world I’ve been watching the news reports about the trapped chilean Miners for months and have been eagerly waiting for the miners to be freed, but somehow I managed to miss the last Chilean Miner to reach the surface.

After spending 69 days trapped underground all 33 Chilean Miners have been rescued.

All the men came out of the mine in relatively good health considering their ordeal. The rescued miners where taken to hospital to be checked over, all the miners had severe dental infections, and some had eye problems.

One man was diagnosed with pneumonia, although his condition is not thought to be serious.

All the miners came up safe and well in a purpose built capsule that was lowered down a narrow shaft to retrieve the men.

The first Miner out was Mr Avalos, the second Miner Mario Sepulveda was so elated to be on the surface he shared his joy with the crowd by having them chant a song with him, the last miner reached the surface on the 14th October Mr Urzua emerged to jubilant cheers, songs and applause.

After the initial collapse in the mine trapping the miners rescuers estimated that the men wouldn’t be able to be freed until December, but thanks to the hard work and dedication of the rescuers and the Chilean government.