This is Fantastic.

The Egyptian People after demonstrating for 12 days in Tahrir Square for the removal of their dictator Leader Mubarak, pulled out their sweeping brushes and cleaned the square.

Ordinary Egyptians cleaned and tidied up the mess they created from thousands of people demonstrating for days.

This is fantastic and I couldn’t help thinking there is no better way to show the world how much Egypt means to it’s people.

I couldn’t help think that if this was in the UK we would have left it for the local council to clean up, what does that say about us?

There’s more to a country than democracy and freedom there’s also responsibility for your own actions

As my husbands always so fond of saying “If you want something doing, do it yourself :)” and the Egyptian people did just that, there were no hand outs from government or anyone employed to do the job of cleaning up the mess thousands left behind in Egypt after the protests, they did it themselves.

After watching the Egyptian men, women and children cleaning up their country, it got me thinking.

Here in the UK our prime minister has been mentioning since the general election something called the Big Society, but no one seems to know what it is.

Is the people coming together in Egypt and cleaning the streets the BIG Society?

I think it might be in it’s simplest form and I agree when David Cameron our Prime Minister when he says we should do things for ourselves, come together as a society, roll up our sleeves and just do the job that needs doing and not rely on the government to do everything for us.

Of course it isn’t that simple in a society where you can be prosecuted if you clear the snow from a street in case someone slips!

If a Big Society is to work it’s people have to be free to act without prosecution from their national or local government for doing the right thing in their communities.

Conservative Prime Minister Margret Thatcher said there wasn’t such a thing as society, 17 years of her rein in the UK destroyed communities which has resulted in a society of selfish individuals who care little for their surroundings.

I’m no Lover of the conservative party and I’m not that fond of David Cameron, I’m as suspicious as the next person in what the Big Society means.

Conservatives are renowned for their selfish attitudes and as a result many people are skeptical about the Big Society believing it’s a way for the government to have less responsibilities for it’s people.

Selfish Britain and people being to afraid to act as a community has made it so we live in a society where no one cares about the litter in the streets, the dog mess on their shoe and the waste land covered in weeds because the council/government doesn’t have the money to plant a garden.

Our Government doesn’t participate in the the Big Society ethos, who can blame us for thinking it’s a Crock.

I don’t see David Cameron or his wife helping out in the community. I’m not talking about him handing over bundles of cash to selected charities (anyone can do that) I’m talking about him seeing, a problem getting together with his colleagues and rolling up their sleeves and do real work for their or another community.

Leaving Cover Boy David Cameron Behind I’d like to think what the Egyptians did in cleaning up their own mess is something to be admired and repeated around the world.

The world could learn something good by following the Egyptians attitude of coming together for the greater good, keep on fighting and showing the world how much you love your country, with heart and passion as strong as the Egyptian people the future looks bright for Egypt.