One of my favourite programs is Odd Box that comes on the BBC News channel on Saturdays.

Odd Box is filled with little clips of funny, weired and wonderful good news stories from around the world to brighten your day.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if each of the little clips in Odd Box was a full news story. It’s my dream that one day the news media will come to their sense and report on Good News as vigorously the rest of the news.

lets face it we need a little light hearted fun after 24 hours everyday of bad news filling up our air time on with the obsessive nature of the media, who are obsessed on relentlessly ramming down our throat a continuous loop of bad news, that quite frankly gives you a head ache after watching the same 6 news stories all day :)

I can’t help but think surely there is enough fun, and happy things happening in the world to brighten our day for at least one hour to break the monotony of the constant stream of news that quite frankly makes my stomach turn.

I feel sorry for the news reporters, their day must be so boring having to go over again and again the same few news stories for a full working day.

Odd Box is that very small ray of light every week that I look forward to watching. it’s not on long, odd box only gets 4-5 minutes of air time and only comes on twice on a Saturdays’ and ‘only’ on Saturdays’, but it’s better than nothing, SKY doesn’t have anything like Odd Box their apparently not into fun or making you feel better, they like to sit around reporting on waiting for something bad to happen just so they can win a shinny award for their mantel :)