This News story is amazing, a modern day miracle.

A 18 month old baby boy fell from a six storey building by being caught by a passer by

The little boy and his 3 year old sister had been left alone in their apartment by both of their parents.

while they where away the 18 month old baby boy climbed over the balcony railing and fell fifty feet towards the ground, but astonishingly survived from some remarkable good luck.

The baby boy fell and hit a awing sail outside a french cafe before bouncing off heading for the ground, but this good news story becomes even more intriguing.

The day the boy fell was on a french bank holiday and the awnings to the cafe would normally have been folded away, but the day before the mechanism had failed so they had to be left open over the holiday.

If that’s not miracle enough a doctor was on the street and caught the boy in midair when he bounced off the awnings.

The boy never hit the floor.

This story is absolutely astonishing the boys parents certainly wasn’t looking out for him, but someone was.

This story sounds like a scene straight out of the film Final Destination, but for survival not death :).

The boys parents was arrested for child neglect and his 3 year old sister was saved by a neighbour who’s boyfriend climbed over the adjoining balcony to retrieve the girl from the apartment.