Everyone should live up to the courage of this little old lady.

An old lady in the UK Tackled thieves armed with base ball bats and crow bars while passers by just watched.

6 armed thieves tried to brake into a busy high street jewelry store in broad daylight, passers by just watched or casually walked by while the thieves tried to smash the shop windows.

With amazing speed, a brave 75 year old lady ran across the road and confronted the thieves head on with her handbag :)

She managed to surprise the criminal long enough for them to get very little from the jewelry store and panic two of them who fell off there get away motor bike.

Eventually at last following, I think from the video a police officer, the public joined in and helped this brave elderly heroin apprehend one of the robbers.

I don’t know if these criminals where in shock or if they had morals not to hit an old woman, but luckily they didn’t take there weapons and harm this grandma, if these men had had a gran like her I doubt any of them would have become criminals :).

I had a similar experience to this and the action of the people around me made my heart bleed, it was one of the reasons I started this Happy Blog to remind myself that their are people in this world like this brave old lady.

I was walking home with my kids on a busy Saturday morning out side a bank when an elderly gentleman caught his foot on the pavement at a zebra crossing and fell into the road.

I immediately ran to his aid, (my kids tell me I started running before he hit the floor).

All around me when big men, young and old the street was filled with people waking on the high street and using the cash machine, yet no one helped me.

I tried to lift him, but he was to heavy. The worst part was while he was bleeding in the road (he cut his head a little) the car that had stopped at the zebra was honking his horn aggressively while I was trying to get him to lift him out of the way.

Eventually a older lady (about 50-60 years old) came and helped me to get him up out of the street, we called an ambulance where he was taken to hospital.

What possible reason would people have to not help a 80 year old after a fall into a road, unlike the brave old lady confronting criminals with weapons their was no risk, he just needed compassion?

Now you know the reason I have this Happy Blog, so I can still have faith in people to do the right thing, to know there are other kind and nice people in this world that makes a difference doing the right thing despite people.

I don’t want to let the vast majority of selfish human being rule the way I look on life or change me to be as selfish as they are.

Good Blessing to you Super Gran, you made my day.