‘How Sweet’

A 3 year old scored a hat trick by kicking three footballs into his toy box in concession.

All three ball successfully went into the box.

Baerke van der Meij is just one and a half, his YouTube video that his dad uploaded has been viewed by 1.67 Million people

I think the England Team could learn a thing or two from this fantastic little boy, kicks all three balls into his toy box nonchalantly scoring his hat trick without one swear word, vial gesture or spitting all over the floor :)

The Dutch Team VVV where so impressed with the toddler that they have given him a symbolic 10-year contract after watching his video of him scoring a hat trick into his toy box.

This little boy seems to be following in the footsteps of his Grandfather who, the team discovered after inviting Baerke to try outs that his Grandfather had played for VVV when he was young.

The signing of the contract, with a little help from Jorg his dad, was toasted with a glass of orange juice.